Journal of Dental Implant Research 2021; 40(1): 18-22  
Design of the implant fixture mount and clinical complication
Jesús M. González-González
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Alicante, University of Murcia, Private practice in Salamanca, Spain
Correspondence to: Jesús M. González-González, Private Clinic. C / Ávila, 4, 1° A. Salamanca 37004, Spain. E-mail:
Received: November 17, 2020; Revised: January 15, 2021; Accepted: January 15, 2021; Published online: March 30, 2021.
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Implants in maxilla can cause various complications. Implant fixture mount design has not been considered in any case as a posible cause of complications. This report presents a case of a man, 69 years old, who visits the dentist in September 2020 for oral rehabilitation due to the absence of teeth in the maxilla. A Galimplant IPX 4×8 implant was placed in position 17. Primary stability was achieved, close to the sinus but without invasion of it. When the fixture mount was removed from the implant, it was not released. A lateral movement was made to release it and the implant lost its stability. The fixture mount could be removed, but the implant was already displaced into the maxillary sinus. The difficulty of separating the fixture mount from the implant was the determining factor that caused the complication. In this circunstance, the dentist had to make lateral strength to separate it and this caused the loss of stability of the implant. I point out as a possible cause of the described complication the conical design of the fixture mount of Galimplant implants, since its excessive adjustment makes it difficult to separate it from the implant once it is inserted in the bone. This reduces the possibilities of using this type of implants in areas with low bone density.
Keywords: Design, Implant, Galimplant, Fixture mount, Complication

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