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Fig. 3. The effects of CBD, CBVN, and CBG with Ti particles with/without IL-1β stimulation on HGF production of MMP-2. For effects on IL-1β-stimulated MMP-2 production, HGFs were treated with IL-1β 1 hr before the addition of Ti particles and/or CBD, CBVN, and CBG then assayed for expression of MMP-2 24 hr later in the Cisbio human MMP-2 kit. The data are presented as the mean of 4-6 biological replicates and the error is the SEM. The U-shaped line (Π) significance of IL-1β from control. The capped lines (ꟷ) describe the significance of IL-1β alone to phytocannabinoids+IL-1β or Ti+IL-1β to phytocannabinoids with Ti+IL-1β. (*) P≤0.05, (**) P≤0.01, (****) P≤0.0001. ns: not significant. Data were analyzed using Graphpad Prism 6.0 using the One-way ANOVA test. Differences were considered significant at P≤0.05.
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