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Fig. 7. Patient follow-up, intermediate and final restoration. (a) 3 months follow-up frontal view. (b~d) Maxillary and mandibular occlusal and frontal views of soft tissue healing 3 months post-op. (e) Open tray impression with screw-retained impression posts splinted with CoCr Bar and fixed flowable composite. (f) Intermediate prosthesis with pink veneered esthetics. (g) Patient with mounted intermediate prosthesis. (h, i) Staircase bar design on master cast model scan and digital wax-up with implant positions (DWOS). (j, k) Milled Titanium screw-retained bars on the cast and at try-in. (l) Mounting of the milled bar onto acrylic denture. (m and n) Final denture before and at try-in. (o) Radiograph of final restoration 9 months post-surgery.
Journal of Dental Implant Research 2021;40:121~133
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