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Fig. 2. Digital and prosthetic planning models. (a) Digital models of residual dentition from lab scans. (b) Digital wax-up of the planned prosthesis with corrected OVD. (c) CBCT scan and segmentation into (d) maxilla and mandible, (e) upper and lower teeth. (f) Fiducial markers. (g) Scan prosthesis. (h) Integrated model from face scan and CBCT scan segmented into maxilla, fiducial markers of scan prosthesis, and remaining upper molar. (i) Composite 3D image of scan prosthesis, plaster cast model, and fiduciary markers. (j) Integrated CBCT scan and STL model of scan prosthesis. (k) Maxilla with remaining teeth and fiducial markers. (l) Integrated planning model of CBCT scan and digital wax-up.
Journal of Dental Implant Research 2021;40:121~133
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