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Table. 3.

Means and SDs of absolute strain values (μm/m) when vertical load was applied to the left mandibular premolar and molar area

43iB 43iM 33iL 33iD

Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Magnet 16.01a 6.11a 14.50a 2.65a 38.07b 7.69b 32.02b 16.36b
Locator 35.50c 11.18c 50.50c 7.68c 97.03d 14.51d 121.41e 15.22e
Ball 113.04f 13.65f 72.33g 7.24g 95.01h 9.86h 143.11i 9.32i
Bar 151.50j 20.25j 112.20k 18.98k 118.70l 9.68l 175.50m 16.25m

SD: Standard deviation.

B: Buccal side, M: Mesial side, L: Lingual side, D: Distal side.

*The difference is significant at the level of 0.05.

a∼m: The non-significant groups are expressed in same letter.

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