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Table. 1.

Overall mean absolute strain values and SD values of case 1 and case 2 (μm/m)

Magnet Locator Ball Bar P value*

Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Case 1 24.25a 3.62a 90.88b 19.91b 124.50b 12.85b 173.76c 30.79c 0.02
Case 2 25.13a 5.79a 76.00b 19.73b 105.75c 14.85c 139.43d 14.66d 0.04

Case 1: Applying vertical load to the left mandibular first molar area.

Case 2: Applying one-sided vertical load simultaneously to the left mandibular premolar and molar area.

SD: Standard deviation.

*The difference is significant at the level of 0.05.

a∼d: The non-significant groups are expressed in same letter.

Journal of Dental Implant Research 2021;40:112~119
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